What to Do If Your Results and Goals Are Repeatedly ‘Wrong’

The energy people spend in accomplishing goals is usually focused on what they want they want to have, which is of course fine.

However in order for you to have something new, you must actually do something new or different to have it. But before you will even do what needs to be done to achieve new goals and dreams you first of all have to become the type of person who will do what needs to be done, (so that you can ultimately) have what it is that you want to have.

That’s a bit of a mouthful so here it is in simple terms:


For a butterfly to become a butterfly, all it has to do is to stop wanting to be a caterpillar.


Most people enter the formula at the wrong end…. they think only (or mostly) think about what they want to HAVE.

However it’s not the have that makes it happen, and it’s not the have that makes us fulfilled… it’s actually who we become that makes us achieve, and allows us to be happy in our own skin.



Over the next day or so, think about what you are hoping to achieve in the next 12 months.  Then approach it from the perspective of “what kind of person would I need to be to achieve that?

Then think about the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly and who is it that you are prepared to no longer be so you can now be who you want to be.

For you to become the master that you are, ask what am I prepared to give up on that journey?  And then commit to the journey.

The real celebration is who you become, and that paves the way for everything else.

So instead of just a list of ‘haves’ that you might have been planning for your next phase; think also of a list of ‘desired traits’ of that version of ‘you’ who will do what needs to be done, and so attract the things you want to have.

BE then DO then HAVE.

Happy travels!