For Business Growth and Profitability

What is it?

Introducing value-based billing for business growth: a radical new approach to profitably growing businesses.

This is an outcome-focused consulting and coaching methodology, where the majority of fees are remunerated only upon satisfactory delivery of our clients’ outcomes.

…(the) coaching also directly delivered to us a 65% increase in billable time and revenue where needed, as well as improving our bottom line measurably in terms of net profit. In addition, during my extended leave from the business these high levels of performance were maintained and the business continued to operate well in my absence.

Why Bother?

It introduces genuine transparency to business growth, with a collective focus on specific and measureable results, which when achieved, deliver returns far in excess of the value-based fees.

It is in effect a performance based approach to growing our clients’ businesses profitably, so that we remove a substantial amount of risk away from our clients.

We believe this is necessary, if not overdue for three main reasons:

  1. It creates trust and more enjoyable business relationships thus increasing real growth and profit potential.
  2. Our consultants and coaches are peak-performers themselves and so are intimately familiar with what is required to operate at that level sustainably and how to implement it with others.
  3. Clients receive true value for money with superior results, and we also get to work with organisations who share these philosophies and values.

We believe it’s the best way to do business so that it’s win-win?

It’s the win-win philosophy and dynamic made tangible, and has been the foundation of all of our business work with clients.

The process operates in 4 phases, broadly shown below.


The Scenarios

Depending on the requirements and unique challenges facing each client, it is expected that a typical programme would yield tangible results in areas such as the following:

  • Optimal personal performance and productivity of high impact talent and business functions
  • Increased revenues and/or profitability beyond client expectations

  • Cultural transformation made tangible

  • Out-performance on a host of key metrics (e.g. revenue, profitability, engagement, NPC)

(Note: these are usually specific to each company depending on the actual brief)

Genuine Risk Mitigation

The real opportunity here is that the vast majority of the cost risk associated with significant business improvement, exponential rates of change, uncertainty and so forth, is being moved away from our clients’ businesses and over to us, the consultants.

Much of our team’s contribution to our clients’ outcomes has been a result of our consistent and evidence based approach.  This approach is solid yet flexible, to ensure that bespoke programmes are designed for the unique nature and specific requirements of every business we work with.

…The results have been incredible… In the past 12 months revenue has doubled and profits are up 1100%

Lorraine Murphy, CEO & Founder, The Remarkables Group, Australia

Key Consultants for Value Based Billing

We have teamed up with the Financial Controllers (an experienced outsourced CFO operation) to offer a full suite of services that will help us deliver all-round and measureable growth in any area of business for our clients.

We work with each business on their Growth, Finances & Profitability, Strategy, Leadership Development, Operations, Performance, Team Development and all facets of marketing in as much depth as required.

We can do all of these areas or just two or three, as required.

Our key consultants are:

  • Ronan Powell founder and MD of Powell Business Leadership and

  • Mai Ha founder and MD of The Financial Controllers

We also have a team specialist consultants that we bring into programmes if/as required.

Ronan Powell
powell business leadership logo

Ronan Powell

Ronan is an experienced coach to CEOs and business owners. With a proven track record, he is certified in several coaching modalities, including trainer level where he also mentors and coaches other consultants and coaches outside of our company.

Ronan specialises in facilitating experiential and evidence based outcomes for clients, predominantly in areas of peak performance, high performing cultures, and business growth.

His previous assignments with clients have involved facilitations and coaching within the communications, professional services and financial services areas to include top tier consultants, lawyers, media and communications clients. He has also provided coaching to clients in the health, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, mining, engineering and IT fields.

To learn more about how this can work for your specific situation, contact us below for an initial chat.

Call Ronan at 02 9238 6317

Or email:


Mai Ha

Mai is an outsourced CFO to many of our clients and……

Mai has over 18 years’ combined experience within commercial and Charted Accounting firms’ business services; having worked within various industries; from consulting firms, recruitment agencies, restaurants, photography agencies, restaurants, photography agencies, entertainment & media agencies to online e-commerce businesses.

Mai’s goal is to assist small businesses with setting up and maintaining a strong and orderly accounts department, which was a need she noticed during her time working in business services – that many enterprises lacking quality and meaningful financial reports to help their businesses grow, generally due to high costs associated with employing a fulltime qualified accountant. With a specialisation in account overhauls and a focus on untangling any financial messes left behind by predecessors, Mai works on delivering cost effective and efficient accounting systems which are custom designed for each unique business.

During her time as CPA, Mai has demonstrated achievements in turnaround of profitability and improving small business cash flow. Ensuring each business meets compliance requirements, she has identified causes to fraudulent activity and assisted businesses in reaching their full financial potential

To learn more about how this can work for your specific situation, contact us below for an initial chat.

Call Mai at 0416 087 588

Or email:

Ronan to me is the person that when you’re looking to grow he’ll be there to have your back and help you find the right way… it is just unbelievable …now have an agency that’s doing phenomenally and have gotten investment capital ($1.1million) in a brand new business we’re bringing to market.

Chris Parker, CEO & Co-founder at Sparku., Managing Director at Awaken, Australia

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