Using leadership as the vehicle to take you and your business next level.

A tailored pathway to true next-level for leaders and business-owners + the next generation.

Our Clients Speak

Moving you off stuck and unsure and into clarity, using a practical pathway to take you next levelso that it sticks.


SPECIAL BONUS for this inaugural 4-month course is complimentary admittance to our new Inner Circle Membership for leaders and business owners for a full 12 months.

This means you also have the time and environment to develop. And to develop in such a way that when you go next level you stay there until you’re ready for another one again!

This means that once the course finishes in May (running for 4 months from Feb to May 2019), you get an additional 12 months access to our first Inner Circle Membership Community, along with all of our existing clients.

That’s 16 months of course and membership, run by Ronan Powell personally – all for LESS THAN PEOPLE CURRENTLY PAY FOR A MONTH one to one.

“…The results have been incredible… In the past 12 months revenue has doubled and profits are up 1100%”
Lorraine Murphy, CEO & Founder The Remarkables Group, Australia
“Excellent skills and simple yet effective tools that I continue to use.…takes a holistic approach so that lasting improvement results… he understands real business situations and can adapt his guidance appropriately.”
Andrew Jacka, Director, PWC, Sydney

Introducing Self-Leading Masters

– a guided 4 month group-coaching course for leaders and business owners wanting to REALLY level up in 2019, and beyond.
This entire course is designed and run by Ronan Powell

Who is it for?

  • If you have an inkling that you need to be a better leader, operator or just have to go next-level to really go for everything you want, then this is definitely for you.

  • If you are running a team or a business and know in your heart that you need to do better – to lead better or just get more out of others, then this is definitely for you.

  • If you have been yearning to do more and have had enough of where you are and yet still resist what you feel you need to do, or just don’t know what to do next, then this is definitely for you.

  • If you have a good idea of what you want to do next and want to be coached to accelerate through it – so that it sticks – by an experienced mentor, advisor and coach then this is definitely for you.

  • If you are hatching secret plans to leave your job or set up a business and are a fearful about it, this is definitely for you.

  • If you are in a management or leadership position and need to know powerful models, new dimensions of thinking and practical tools to lead like a master, this is definitely for you.
  • If you run a company and need to leverage your efforts to be a more effective and better-liked leader, this is definitely for you.
  • If you are wanting to or scale up and aren’t sure how, this is definitely for you.

  • If you need to let go let others do more so that you can make a difference where it matters, then this is definitely for you.

This is all about raising your game so that you produce what you truly want, and live a first class life. It’s about becoming a self-leading master.

Once you get there, then you can lead anyone and any business, and produce outsized results.

The course is delivered in 4-Modules over 4 months from 1st February 2019 to 31st May 2019

WHY focus on leadership and WHY call it Self-Leading Masters?

Well, I (Ronan here) take the view that greatest resource in the world is talent.

And so the most powerful – and best paid – ability in the world is leadership.

When you can harness the focused energy of grade A talent and lead such a team on an inspired mission, it’s likely you will be hugely successful in whatever you do.

Even a cursory look at any business will show you that the people who get paid the most in business are leaders, owners and sales people. That’s because the business places highest value on those roles.

For owners it’s obvious – they take the majority of the risk and so get rewarded (or not!!) accordingly.

For sales people it’s also obvious – without them there’s no revenue and without revenue there’s no business.

However it’s leaders who make the magic happen, and leaders can be found among owners and sales people, but they are also found in all areas of a business and company.

If you own a company and can’t lead effectively – that’s an extremely risky situation. If you have responsibility for a team the same applies. The negative impacts of not leading well are compound:

They affect wealth, stress, health, relationships and so on.

When a person masters themselves, or at least gets close to it, they activate a way of being that others are naturally drawn towards and that others respond to. Of course there are other facets to leadership, but to self-lead for real is to be able to poise yourself to make what you want, or what your company wants, a reality.

When you master that personally, and then lead masterfully as a business owner, entrepreneur, leader, or executive, it’s a genuine game changer, both for your own peace of mind and also your bottom line financially.

This course is designed and run by me, Ronan Powell to get you from stuck / not sure how to make something happen / mulling over a new idea / scared / confused about a path … to be clear / inspired / confident / aware, and actively implementing a strategy, so that you have traction on your biggest possible game, and so you transform yourself in the process, and ultimately get the results you are after.

This is about going NEXT LEVEL as a leader and as a self-leading master.

“…I did it at my own time and my own pace, so I really got to understand myself much better. I feel like I’ve developed a whole new career… I always saw myself as working as an employee for a big company and now I’ve completely changed that.”
Aimi Cadwallader, Operations Consultant, New Zealand & Australia, Formerly Director Roles at Nine Entertainment Company, Australia

Clients in the past have often started out feeling stuck with limited or no options, to literally doubling salaries in 12 months, increasing profits by over 1000% (10x), setting up companies, moving up into leadership positions in great companies, mastering existing roles, leaving toxic environments to go into consulting with no fancy infrastructure (not even websites or email systems!), working less and making way more money while travelling the world, and above all, truly living their own first class lives, even sometimes by just getting their lives back.

The people I work with want to make a difference. They know there is a hero within themselves and they just need that guide to get them over the line. Sometimes it has just been a discomfort that had to be dealt with.

But how did they finally get over the line to fulfil their potential?

Why / How?

Because they finally came to understand what transformation really is and they committed themselves to attaining it in their own unique area of business, leadership or life.

They understood that INTENTION IS EVERYTHING.


If you sit around saying you will do this and that and yet do nothing about it, then your programming (that being your unconscious mind which runs the show while you are unawares) receives a message that your intention is to do nothing, and so not much happens.

However, when you align what you say you want with action in that direction, your intention is pure and it’s like everything conspires in your favour from that point on to help you attain what you want – you feel alive again.

  • Transformation means going from one form to another.
  • That means leaving the old behind and creating the new.

  • That also means leaving the old you behind and creating the new you too – and that can be scary.

  • The good news is that this course has been tried and tested on hundreds of my own clients over more than 10 years as a leadership, executive and business mentor and coach. And it works!

So, how does it work?

Every month you receive a workbook with writings and frameworks specific to the module we are doing.

  • These will include exercises for you to complete so that you are exploring options in a way that you never have before.

  • Once you have begun your work we will get together on a video call. (You will not be on screen – that will only be me and if necessary I will share my screen if I need to teach or show something to the group). Later on there may be options however to do hot-seats with me live.

  • So you get:

    • Life changing content
    • workbooks
    • exercises to complete which advance you in a targeted way
    • Video Call #1 with Ronan Powell to work through the processes with you
    • Further implementation by you
    • Video Call #2 with Ronan Powell for Q&A on what you are working through, and anything at all that is relevant to the work we are doing together.
  • That happens every month for the duration of the course.

  • Also if something comes up that is important for the group, I will create additional workbooks, videos, templates for you as we go.

  • EVERYTHING will be posted to a private course members’ area where you can log in and watch everything as often as you like. This area will be built during the first month of the course.

  • Then onto the next month and so on…

  • The format is designed this way because after working with hundreds of people one to one over the years, and thousands of people if I include groups, I have discovered what works and what gets people over the line quicker.

So taking that format and applying it to each of the 4 months for each module, here’s what we will be doing together.

A brief outline of the 4 monthly modules:

MODULE 1: DISCOVERY. Clarity of mission / your next level / your greatest game.

Getting it!

Getting clear on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ before the ‘how’. And getting your noisy mind out of the way. (We all have that noisy mind but I will teach you how to use it as a tailwind rather than it being a headwind).

We use powerful processes and tools to get you super-clear on what’s next, or what’s the greatest game / life / business / career for you.

We also begin to consider pathways from strategy through to execution of plans without the rigidity of fear and ego.

All theory & leadership models translate into sensible, practical guides. This is essential and it cannot be overstated how important this is. Yes you will learn things on this course that you will not learn anywhere else in leadership and business, but you will also learn how to apply them practically.

Self-discovery will also take place here using leadership models based around: vision/mission creation, strategy, quantum physics/quantum thinking models, management, energy and behaviour.

We will go to first principles for you, to get you creating from your very core and your true you. So that you then bring that power to your workplace and business.

From there we will reverse engineer your pathway, as a draft form, so that you feel excited about your possibilities again.

We do this module in such a way so that the ‘How’ doesn’t become an interrupter. We deal with the ‘How’ later.


Finding your unique channels to deliver the objective you decide upon in module 1.

A team reflects the leader.

A business reflects the owner.

A life reflects the person.

How you do any of the above is reflection of our abilities to be clear and to garner resources (and energy) to deliver on purpose, mission and objectives.

How you bring this to fruition is unique for everyone, because the transformation that the leader must go through is also unique.

The channels that you choose to help your team / business / life to transform, will reflect the channels that you also are personally working through.

This largely unknown truth, which once deployed, instils deep congruency in a person, business, life, both at the level of stated-objectives, and also at a deeper more unconscious level between you as a leader and your business, team, and life.

It’s ALL connected.

Expect to have designed your unique channels to your objective by the end of March. You will know what path you are about to follow.


Both of these are closely aligned as per Module 2.

However in Module 3 we will also focus on flawless execution as carried to fruition by you (and your teams if applicable), all based on the concept that a true leader creates other leaders and / or businesses that others tend to gravitate towards.

You will produce a tailored, specific action plan, with a hierarchy of importance for implementation.

The plan is designed to eliminate your barriers to objectives and also to facilitate the corresponding transformations that will need to happen to overcome each obstacle. This is transformational.

We measure as we go and we build upon practical leadership frameworks and models to develop the leader personally through task orientated exercises in their environments – all geared towards your biggest game, whether business, leadership, life.


This is exactly what it says – getting traction and then real uplift.

It’s about delivering on objectives so that it both challenges and supports you and your biggest goals / business, both intellectually and professionally.

It’s also about the leader learning how to self-regulate and adjust fluidly to various situations.

The focus here is on producing real-world outcomes in accordance with the dreams you envisioned in your mind 3-4 months previously.

We also focus on your own store of enthusiasm so that you become a stable yet agile creator, strategist and champion, in a way that people are excited and feel compelled to be involved with.

From here you will know what’s next for you, and you will also be a good way along the path to having it, if not having it already.

Since we all move at a different pace however, I am including a 12 month bonus of 12 months membership to a private Inner Circle group with me and our clients…

“Ronan to me is the person that when you’re looking to grow he’ll be there to have your back and help you find the right way… it is just unbelievable …now have an agency that’s doing phenomenally”
Chris Parker, Managing Director, Awaken, Australia


MEMBERSHIP for 12 months to the Inner Circle for Self-Leading Masters

From May 2019 membership will be approximately $397 – 497 pm.

But you get it free, as do existing clients.

  • Each month members will receive content in the form of a monthly newsletter with insights, articles and practical applications of all these, along with what’s working in the world of business and leadership and how it can be valuable to you.

  • Membership will also consist of Ronan Powell on a video call with the group twice per month.

  • One call will likely be around the content up for discussion that month.

  • The second call will likely be Q&A on anything that members want to discuss.

  • As mentioned this will be in the range of 397-497 per month, but for those signing up to the Self-Leading Masters course, you get a full 12 months membership at no charge.

  • Topics that are likely to be covered within membership include:

    – Overarching Clarity & Mission
    – Operations, Systems, Scaling
    – Strategies (Business, Marketing, Life)
    – Structure (and restructuring)
    – People & Teams
    – Cash! & all Finances
    – Influencing & negotiation
    – Time: mastering it
    – Delegation and Augmentation
    – Speedy Execution
    – Product & Service Development
    – Marketing – including Branding & Advertising
    – Sales (& conversion optimisation)
    – Energy & Mind-set
    – Personal Resourcefulness (+ when under pressure)
    – Problem solving
    – Innovating (how to think laterally and create environments and structures that embed innovation in your fabric)
    – Confidence & Courage,
    – Ability To Take Correct Action
    – Feedback and Measuring the correct things
    – Business Automation

  • There can be many more as members wish – this is just a list of the most popular topics I am currently working through with existing clients.


I have priced this up to be what I sincerely believe is a (so-called) ‘no-brainer’.

In other words if this doesn’t feel like a truly incredible deal for you, then I will not be pushing you over the line.

What I mean by this is that the entire programme + BONUS is priced for less than what CEOs, MDs, Chairs, Execs, Company Owners etc., currently pay me for a single MONTH of coaching yet you get me for a full and proper 4 month structured group-coaching course + an additional 12 months access to our private members inner circle for Self-Leading Masters.

That’s 16 months of top quality mentoring, coaching, advice and teaching.

 – Presenting powerful models that work and that get real-life results.

 – And guiding you every step of the way.

 – It’s also content every month from me.

+ video calls with me twice per month for 16 months to really make sure we get traction and uplift on your objectives.

In other words, you will not be left hanging. I’m here and not going anywhere.

So the FEES, for the entire course + the free 1 year inner circle membership are AU$4,700 in total, inclusive of taxes.

That’s it.

There’s a payment plan if you want to do that.

      – 10% deposit in January 2019 – $470

      – Then $1057 for each of the 4 months of the course.

      – Then you are also in the inner circle membership for another 12 months – free

+ All my existing clients are going to be in this too.

As I write this I realised that even if you put $4700 in the bank – after 3 years you’d have made about $500 in COMPOUND interest after 3 Years. If that happened to one of my clients I’d fire myself! I’d be ashamed actually.

You should make a decent return on your investment here. I’m thinking multiplication by many times. Even exponential as other clients have regularly managed to do.

It will be different for everyone, and in reality, some of the transformations are priceless.

If you read the feedback from past clients and watch their videos you’ll see this is real.

  • Also as I said, this entire 16 months is less than it would cost you to work with me for a single month and I will give you my best stuff that my biggest clients use and have access to.
  • Plus I will do Q&A to get you over the line.
  • We can do Hot Seats too.
  • You’ll have ME in your corner
  • Plus I’ll create a members area where everything will be stored so you can access it anytime.


Basically we get on a call, make sure it works for you and then you’re in.

Since this is group-coaching and you have access to me for 16 months, where I will be giving a lot of myself to help the group, the only way to join is for us to talk first.

Doing this is easy:

  1. Go to and book a time in the diary to talk directly with me. I will call you on your nominated phone number at your nominated time from the list of available slots. No charge for this call.
  1. Email us at advising of when / how you would like to talk

That’s it, but please remember, if you are serious about really going next level, then I believe you won’t get anything like this anywhere else, and especially at such decent value.

Client Comments

“Problems and questions I had been wrestling with for years were solved and opportunities seemed to flood in… it was the most valuable investment I’ve made in myself for years.”

Catherine van der Veen, Chief Executive Officer Generation Life, Australia

“He can unlock things that you didn’t even know were there… so much astute advice”

Sue Hardman, Managing Director, Hardman Communications, Sydney, Australia
“Having experienced the impact on me and seeing that of the people I know who also use him I would highly recommend him, especially if you own your own business”
Wade Tink, General Manager & Director Project Everest – Impact Ventures, Australia

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