Ronan Powell

Leadership, Executive and Business Specialist, Mentor & Advisor.

Ronan Powell is the founder of the company and is based in Sydney with clients across Australia and worldwide including Asia, the US and Europe.  He is an experienced and proven coach to executives, leaders and business owners and holds an honours degree in management from the UK. He is certified in several coaching modalities, including trainer level where he also mentors other consultants and coaches outside of our company.

Ronan specialises in facilitating experiential and evidence based outcomes for clients, predominantly in areas of leadership and business. He has specific expertise in Leadership Development and Transformation, Team Alignment, Productivity Improvement, Executive Development, Cultural Change and Executive Coaching.

Having worked in various countries in Europe and Asia, as well as the USA and Australia, Ronan has a genuine and lifelong interest in people, business and cultures, especially with regard to the dynamics and causes behind real change that lasts.  This brought him to his vocation of coaching and consulting at the highest levels, where he works with those who are looking to challenge themselves and accomplish more, both personally and professionally, and also at the greater level of an organisation and beyond.  Ronan assists those who are facing such change with a pathway and the tools to make it happen.

Ronan’s previous assignments with clients have involved coaching within the professional services, finance and banking sectors to include top tier consultants, lawyers, media and communications clients. He has also provided coaching to clients in the health, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, mining, engineering and IT fields.  During his work with clients, he has gained extensive experience facilitating improvements in personal and business capabilities, as well as measurable behavioural change at leadership levels, through both assessments and coaching interventions.  Ronan is a committed and excellent coach with many industry accreditations and recommendations from happy clients.

Much of our company’s contribution to our clients’ outcomes has been a result of our consistent and evidence based approach.  This approach is solid yet flexible, to ensure that the unique nature and specific requirements of each individual and organisation are fully appreciated and given an environment where they can succeed.

Ronan builds great relationships with people through his authentic and energetic style which is focused on the client’s outcomes at all times.  He is motivated by making a difference for people and their businesses, in a way that ensures the results are connected back to the person’s own values and the business’s values.

Ronan is dedicated to personal and business transformation, and as an avid and lifelong learner he constantly undertakes continuing education across a wide range of fields.  He is committed to continuing excellence both inside our business and for all of our clients.

Asha Sridhar

Associate HR Specialist

Asha is a successful executive coach and trainer having spent time in roles as a training manager, talent & development manager and change manager.  She has also worked for a global internet firm, global retailer and headed up an executive coaching firm; these positions included roles as a trainer, manager and coach.

During the past 20 years Asha has trained and coached hundreds of people from over 10 nationalities on leadership skills and has set up training and development functions in multi-national organisations; she also led teams of up to 30 L&D professionals in designing, developing and implementing learning solutions in communication and leadership.

Asha’s strengths lie in creating a vision for the future and then converting that vision into reality; she is strongest in times of change as she is able to motivate and gain the commitment of people around her towards the change.  Asha enjoys working with people and processes, creating a joyful and creative environment at work and leading by example.  Her goal is to work with visionary people and to create a fun, learning environment at the workplace.

Asha is currently based in Hong Kong and having also worked in India and lived in other countries she is very aware at the cultural level within organisations.   Asha is a certified and experienced Master Coach and Trainer.

Phil Cohen


Phil is a business advisor and consultant and has been running consulting companies for the past 30 years. He currently owns three successful consultancy firms based in Australia, and for one of these firms he manages Asia-Pacific operations assisting clients with more than $100bn in bids every year.

Phil’s formal education background is in engineering and also business, including an MBA from what is now Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM); he also has decades of solid technical and commercial expertise. Phil excels in successful business development and he helps large firms win major contracts; he also increases the prosperity for those he works with, with his mastery of personal relationships, business know-how and systems.

In addition to Phil’s excellent relationship skills, he brings inspiration and innovation to sales, marketing and operations, and he has a gift for taking abstract business ideas and turning them into reality making them exciting, profitable and successful.

Teresa O’Brien

Mentor, Coach, Advisor

Teresa is an excellent and insightful consultant with and accredited Pragmatic approach to leadership development and transformational thinking across blue chip companies and at the individual level with up and coming and senior leaders. She quickly develops a deep understanding of business and commercial goals and has an intuitive ability to design and implement solutions that accomplish these effectively.

Teresa is a clear and effective communicator with great empathy, and she works collaboratively as a coach, mentor and advisor with senior leaders to ensure that teams align and that individuals tap and harness their inspiration.

She has strong experience in performance & talent development, personal coaching, career development, HR strategy & planning, employee relations and leadership excellence.

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