Making the Jump into Business

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“I did it at my own time and my own pace, so I really got to understand myself much better.

I feel like I’ve developed a whole new career… I always saw myself as working as an employee for a big company and now I’ve completely changed that.”

Aimi Cadwallader, Operations Consultant, New Zealand & Australia, Formerly Director Roles at Nine Entertainment Company, Australia

As an entrepreneur or even if you’re entering into self-employment as a contractor, you will need the ability to escape the pull of the old world and it’s old comforting gravity of automatic salary, paid leave and perceived job security, if you are to successfully make the leap into business.

We call this Escape Velocity, which is the technical term used by NASA to explain the concept of the huge level of energy that must be generated before a spacecraft can achieve the speed it needs to maintain, in order to exit the earth’s atmosphere and explore new worlds. Once escape velocity is reached, success probability increases exponentially.

Spacecraft therefore must use up the majority of their energy resources in order to defy the force of gravity and exit the earth’s pull before they can explore new planets and opportunities. 80-90% of the energy to get into space is used up during Escape Velocity and without that focused power of energy, gravity would win.

When you move from employee to business owner you experience the same forces…

You need to devote a lot of focused energy to your new venture through thoughts, intentions and concentrated actions to be successful. No matter what you do when you make this leap, or how much you plan on relaxing and doing the elusive 4-hour workweek in the beginning, the exhilaration and requirements of such a shift occupies your mind and energy reserves much of the time.

Your old world might exert a gravitational pull but this is normal. Some people mistake it to mean that their new venture is a bad idea and that they should listen to the fear.

This is not necessarily true. The fear in this transition is normal because what is actually happening is not just a transition but a transformation, and a transformation is supposed to feel a bit strange initially.

Your mission, values, purpose, hours of work, culture, constitution, remuneration, holidays, and so forth are no longer set by someone else, they are set by you. This is a significant leap.

We work with people to help them make this transformation; to identify what it the best course of action for them, and then eliminate their biggest barriers to successful achievement of it and produce a robust road map to make it happen.

Our program for this is second to none and as with leadership development, we work to massively transform the individual to get beyond their old world until the new world is experienced as being their new normal and they experience themselves as successful in it. This is one of the most rewarding changes you will ever make especially if it’s something you deep down feel you need to do. It’s even more rewarding when you do it profitably and with the lifestyle you are aiming for.

Client Comments

“I would highly recommend Ronan, has been the big change in my life and my perspective of the world…”

Nicole McInnes, Managing Director & Country Head, eHarmony, Australia
“Ronan lives what he coaches & his work is a reflection of this. His ability to get to the core issues and use relevant techniques to disperse them quickly and effectively is truly amazing.”
Lucy Megginson, Director, Sydney
“Ronan is the ultimate professional executive coach with immense experience and insight”
Teresa O’Brien, HR Manager, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia
“…Ronan’s coaching directly delivered a 65% increase in billable time and revenue …“
John Jamieson, Managing Director,Jamieson Foley & Associates, Consulting Engineers, Sydney

“Ronan was able to help me understand and get perspective on a number of significant areas of my life including … starting a regional headquarters in Singapore.”

Gabriel Perera, Director Business Development and Product Development – Asia, Blackmores, Singapore

“I’m a practical person: I need how do I do this and how do I make it work? You gave me that and also the understanding of what true leadership is.”

Debbie Leader, Head of Westpac Brand, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia

“If you are looking for someone to help develop you further as a people leader, then Ronan is a great resource to have. He’s also great guy.”

Ciaran McBride, General Manager, Investment Risk and Performance, Cbus Super Fund, Melbourne, Australia

“…Ronan has excellent skills and simple yet effective tools that I continue to use… takes a holistic approach so that lasting improvement results”

Andrew Jacka, Director, PWC, Sydney

“I got a lot of benefit with each conversation… he really has a lot of actionable insights that help drive whatever your personal objective is”

Maria Karavias, General Manager, NewsCorp Australia

Making the Leap Successfully

When making the jump into business for the first time, we focus strongly on the following areas with clients:

  • Producing a powerful mind set for transition

  • Identifying what really drives you and harnessing it
  • Life design program: making it holistic with your new business

  • Diagnostics on barriers, internal and external, and mitigating them
  • Service and product development
  • Client and customer acquisition

  • Strategy & Structure for success
  • Functional mastery of strategy, marketing, sales, finances, people & culture
  • Getting traction and scaling

  • Securing funding

  • Navigating Growth Profitably
  • Exit strategy and the vision beyond

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