Leadership Is…

Some common themes that are cropping up in conversations I’m having thesedays, and also things I am hearing from around the world are:

– “what should I really be doing?”

– “what’s it all about”

– “how do I get meaning into what I do”

– “there must be more to life than this”

– “I’d love to, but I would never be able to do that”

…and the list goes on.

I would like to offer a simple and short tip this week as to how you can change your mind-set; in 1 minute flat.

Of course if you’re enjoying what you get during that 1 minute, then you may want to take it on and really go deep with it.

4 simple steps follow…


Note: It’s critical that you do this process with absolutely zero concern as to whether it’s realistic for you or not according to your history or what

your friends would say.  The only concern to be here right now is whether or not it rings true for you as you feel it, say it, see it, make sense of it, or write it. 

Answer the following about yourself:

1. What do I love to do?  What am I doing when I am happiest?

If I’m sitting down, lazy watching TV half asleep, what would get me up in a nanosecond, full of energy?

Whether I think I know it or not, I am here for some reason….

Some people love music, others cars, some speaking on a stage, others writing computer code, some love teaching, others business….

What am I here for?

2. Which answers could I call a real interest in my life, or even a true purpose?  If I had to talk about it for an hour to some strangers, would they really know I love it and that it’s a passion, and even my purpose in life?

3. What issues are there in my workplace, my life, my community or even the world that could be addressed by this interest / purpose?

4. Write down a way that I will commit to applying it.

How and when; and how often.


If you’ve got a job, or a business, etc and you’re happy there, you can always make the answer to step 4 a hobby or an interest; if you want to make it your life’s purpose, great.

The point is, be sure to include it somehow in your life as a priority because this is what gives you energy and inspiration and not only that, but there is a need for it wherever you are, so not only do you get to be true to yourself, you get to contribute to others also.

So what….?

Do more of what puts a smile on your face, and when it happens to intersects with a need in the world, that puts you in a place of massive internal power with self-respect and confidence.

And when you are that strong and congruent internally, you have just completed step 1 of leadership; because leadership is not just about what happens on the job, real leadership happens across all contexts and it always begins with yourself.

The final ‘so what’ is this: apart from the need for a plentiful and clean water supply, leadership is the next most important thing you can offer the world today, so isn’t it possible that it is your obligation to everyone to be true to yourself.

How can the world not support you if you are living that way?

To your continued success and happiness,