Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development

This program is run as an ongoing personal course and also as a workshop where the principals of leadership are taught and role-played. There is also real world tasking for all participants.

The Deep Leadership Program is simply about how to effect change at the deepest level within yourself and then in your team and business, and to do so sustainably

There is also an option do to personal assessments using Hogan and other diagnostic tools including values elicitation.

Who is it for?

This is for anybody who wants to begin or continue their own self-mastery using leadership and business as the metaphor.

Key Outcomes

  • Deeper appreciation of leadership and self-mastery

  • Create the life and business that you have envisioned in your mind or strategy

  • Deeper self-awareness

  • Greater self-awareness and internal personal power

  • Increased energy, focus and solid purpose

  • Natural emergence of leadership qualities

  • Stronger influence within your environment


If you are curious about this program or would like to know more, contact the office by sending an email here, or calling the number below: +61 2 9238 6317

Client Comments

“Ronan lives what he coaches & his work is a reflection of this. His ability to get to the core issues and use relevant techniques to disperse them quickly and effectively is truly amazing.”
Lucy Megginson, Director, Sydney

“Ronan was able to help me understand and get perspective on a number of significant areas of my life including … starting a regional headquarters in Singapore.”

Gabriel Perera, Director Business Development and Product Development – Asia, Blackmores, Singapore

“…Ronan has excellent skills and simple yet effective tools that I continue to use… takes a holistic approach so that lasting improvement results”

Andrew Jacka, Director, PWC, Sydney
“…Ronan’s coaching directly delivered a 65% increase in billable time and revenue …“
John Jamieson, Managing Director,Jamieson Foley & Associates, Consulting Engineers, Sydney

“I would highly recommend Ronan, has been the big change in my life and my perspective of the world…”

Nicole McInnes, Managing Director & Country Head, eHarmony, Australia
“Ronan is the ultimate professional executive coach with immense experience and insight”
Teresa O’Brien, HR Manager, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia

“I’m a practical person: I need how do I do this and how do I make it work? You gave me that and also the understanding of what true leadership is.”

Debbie Leader, Head of Westpac Brand, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia

“If you are looking for someone to help develop you further as a people leader, then Ronan is a great resource to have. He’s also great guy.”

Ciaran McBride, General Manager, Investment Risk and Performance, Cbus Super Fund, Melbourne, Australia

“I got a lot of benefit with each conversation… he really has a lot of actionable insights that help drive whatever your personal objective is”

Maria Karavias, General Manager, NewsCorp Australia

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