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“Ronan is the ultimate professional executive coach with immense experience and insight…I regard Ronan as my secret weapon, in a quest to develop people to their full potential. I highly recommend his services.”

Teresa O’Brien, Manager, People - Corporate and Institutional Banking at National Australia Bank, Sydney, Australia

The best investment a company can make is investing in those who drive it – its people.

We have a track record of creating deep transformation with the leaders that we work with in Australia and overseas.

Leaders who are tasked with stirring high levels of enthusiasm within people in any business so that they can produce great outcomes, usually have correspondingly great challenges to work through. When done successfully however, it is one of the most rewarding outcomes for any leader both personally and commercially.

Every system, strategy and innovation is driven by a person or group of people, and aligning these people so that they are enthusiastic and engaged, is part of a leader’s role. However, leadership always begins internally and this means you must be able to lead yourself first, and that is where our leadership development programs for up and coming leaders really deliver early on. We begin accelerated personal evolution initially with the client leader and then concurrently we include our client’s wider environment.

Our leadership development programmes include:

Our leadership clients learn more about themselves quickly, and how to effectively lead with regard to your own energy, time, presence, clarity, power and accountability.

In tandem with this you will also apply it through tasking and real life situations with your team and your business, through the most effective models for growth and leadership available in the world today.

Elements of the programs for CEOs and executives will also be included for up and coming leaders, given that the ultimate destination for a leader is one where a big vision and accountability will be every day realities.

Energy, Vision, Resourcefulness

We help both established and emerging leaders to be centred and visionary while navigating what is often an emotional landscape with other vested interests vying for your attention, time and energy.

How to do more with less, is a key component to effective leadership and we use peak performance techniques from sports, intelligence, peak performers and other high impact fields to help them accomplish these outcomes.

All our leadership development programs are holistic in that we work with you in all areas of life where needed, yet with special focus on the areas requiring immediate attention. The interconnectedness and interdependencies between each area of life for an individual, and also between different people, is fully respected in our work with clients.

Additionally, leaders who are only beginning to acquire an appreciation for such connections will learn extremely powerful models for how it all works, and how they can work with them and harness them creatively.

Clarity & Confidence to Action

The ultimate result for many leaders who work with us is the significant and swift clarity that they get, and combined with the centeredness that accompanies self-awareness, they become naturally confident in their actions in difficult situations.

This means they are confident when things go well and also when challenges happen. Ultimately leaders who work with us experience strong internal power and balance, and measureable external results.

Client Comments

“Ronan lives what he coaches & his work is a reflection of this. His ability to get to the core issues and use relevant techniques to disperse them quickly and effectively is truly amazing.”
Lucy Megginson, Director, Sydney

“…Ronan has excellent skills and simple yet effective tools that I continue to use… takes a holistic approach so that lasting improvement results”

Andrew Jacka, Director, PWC, Sydney
“…Ronan’s coaching directly delivered a 65% increase in billable time and revenue …“
John Jamieson, Managing Director,Jamieson Foley & Associates, Consulting Engineers, Sydney

“I’m a practical person: I need how do I do this and how do I make it work? You gave me that and also the understanding of what true leadership is.”

Debbie Leader, Head of Westpac Brand, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia

“I would highly recommend Ronan, has been the big change in my life and my perspective of the world…”

Nicole McInnes, Managing Director & Country Head, eHarmony, Australia

“I got a lot of benefit with each conversation… he really has a lot of actionable insights that help drive whatever your personal objective is”

Maria Karavias, General Manager, NewsCorp Australia

“If you are looking for someone to help develop you further as a people leader, then Ronan is a great resource to have. He’s also great guy.”

Ciaran McBride, General Manager, Investment Risk and Performance, Cbus Super Fund, Melbourne, Australia
“Ronan is the ultimate professional executive coach with immense experience and insight”
Teresa O’Brien, HR Manager, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia

“Ronan was able to help me understand and get perspective on a number of significant areas of my life including … starting a regional headquarters in Singapore.”

Gabriel Perera, Director Business Development and Product Development – Asia, Blackmores, Singapore

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