I’ll believe it when I see it – WRONG!

With anything really worth having (whatever that might be for you), the best way you’ll get to see it, is if you first believe it.

That means believing in it, believing it to be possible and believing it to be possible for you.

A more appropriate saying therefore is –

I’ll see it, because I believe it.

Some folks might find an example where they got something that they wanted without first seeing it in their mind, and that may be so, or it may not be, because we are always making up our future in our mind whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

We do it 24/7 and mostly outside our own awareness, through feelings and the pictures we make in our minds.

If you don’t believe in what it is that you say you are wanting to achieve in your business or life, then you will probably see evidence of that lack of belief in some of your actions.

Maybe you’re doing things which go against what you say you want, or you’re saying things which are contradictory to your so called goals.

When I talk about not believing in your goal, it also includes a feeling of not wanting or not being deserving of that goal.

“But why would I set a goal that I don’t feel I deserve? What a load of rubbish!”

In fact it is this that often trips people up when it comes to achieving what it is that they really want.

Mark Twain’s classic quote where he said

“You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” is perfect.

Your creative imagination is fuelled by your energy and clarity.  What sort of energy and clarity are you going to have if you chose to focus on things that make you feel tired, upset or worried, or things that drain you?

Your imagination needs inspiration, so be sure that you’re feeling at least some measure of inspiration when setting a goal, and be sure you feel like you deserve it.

A note to mention here is that if you’re thinking that you want less of something in your business or life, that’s fine, but that alone is not going to create a good future.

They key is to declare your goal in terms of what you want more of.  By all means acknowledge what the problem is and deal with it; however when moving forward it’s critical to decide how you want things to be.

So instead of saying something like “I wish I wasn’t so frustrated here, I need to get away…”, choose a more inspiring and compelling vision of what you do want and then only say it the way you want it to be. 

This goes for a goal or vision or even just a small preference; say it the way you want it; never say it the way you don’t want it (even if I had to break to ‘rule’ to explain it!)


Whatever you want in your business or your life (and assuming you’ve established that you really do want it), ask yourself –

Do I believe in it?

Do I believe it to be possible?

Do I believe it to be possible for me?


Assuming that you believe in the goal, and also believe it to be possible, and possible for you, then:

1) Say it the way you want it

2) Be clear on the outcome

3) See it in your mind as done

4) Get to work on it immediately

So what….?

If you don’t tick all the belief boxes, then you know what you need to work on and improve, because you can’t receive a signal that something is important to you and right for you, without your having the means and ability to go and achieve it.

So if you got the signal that there is something you want to do or follow and it’s positive for you; yet you encounter some belief issues around it, then isn’t it possible that this is all the more reason why this goal might be essential for you to pursue?

Isn’t it possible that this is the very goal that will make you grow the most, challenge you the most and therefore reward you the most (I’m assuming you’ve heard about risk analysis for business by the way).

Believe it and you can achieve it.

As Henry Ford said “obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes of the goal”.

Your best goals are the ones that will force you to grow and evolve – go for it and expect the obstacles because you need them.

I’ll sign off with a Hindu proverb which says: “There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man. True nobility is in being superior to your previous self.”

How could we do that if we didn’t have obstacles?

That of course doesn’t mean that you don’t address the obstacles – no.

In fact it’s imperative that you do address them and at a deep level whether it be at the core of your business or your being.