How Do You Make Your Own Luck?

One explanation I heard before with regard to the concept of luck is that “luck is what happens when preparation meets with opportunity”.  This has also been my experience as well as the experience of countless other people I have met and worked with.

However, there are always those who think that people around them are luckier, or that “others can always get what they want, but not me!” Or that “he can be wealthy but it never happens to me” or “she can get the partner of her dreams but not me”…..

And so what follows for those people are situations where, in their own mind, others continue to be lucky, but not me!

But what if it’s true?  What if you do make your own luck?

To give everyday examples of the nature of this possibility, have you ever made a decision to buy a car, and then noticed that everywhere you look you see that exact make and model around you?

Or maybe you decide to take a holiday somewhere and suddenly you discover yourself talking with people who have been there or are planning to go there soon?

Those cars did not suddenly appear from nowhere, nor did those people appear from nowhere.  They were always there.

Without getting too technical, and to cover a part of what is happening here – the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain is partly responsible for bringing into your reality, evidence of what it is that you have been focusing on.


Because you are creating a mental image and a strong feeling of what you want to have, to such an extent, that your brain or rather the neurotransmitters within your brain, are creating connections that become stronger and stronger with each new time that you focus on what it is that you want. It’s like relationship and friendships – they get stronger with each new connection.

Also, NASA creates mental simulations for astronauts for every mission, where they mentally live out each new mission before they actually go into space.

Likewise, professional athletes often run a race in their own minds before doing it in the physical world.

Two things are critical here:

1. you must believe it to be possible beforehand

2. if you feel/think about it in advance it will be familiar to you when it happens and therefore you will welcome it.

So if you want a new job, yet believe that you are not capable of getting it because of some belief in bad luck, or any other limiting belief, then how will you even notice the opportunity when it presents itself right in front of you?

How can someone see something when they are looking in the opposite direction?

If you believe yourself to be unlucky, what are the chances that you will even bother to prepare for something that you say you want?

Reality is not fixed – that was a basic premise from Albert Einstein.


Debunk the old way of “I’ll believe it when I see it”

Replace it with “I’ll see it because I believe it


First – stop blaming everyone else, and/or stop delegating your power to other people.

This is non-negotiable.

Second – knowing what you don’t want is fine and it’s an important filter; however once you know what you don’t want park it to the side and cultivate what you do want; meaning get clear on what you do want and aim for it completely.

In summary have a clear target and aim sincerely for it.

So what….?

If you get clear on what you do want, and you can be comfortable parking what you don’t want to the side, you will begin to change your reality. And you will redefine luck forever.

Most importantly of all you will at least create a life where you are going for what you want, rather than watching others going for what they want.

What’s the worst that can happen…..? What’s the best that can happen?

(That’s probably something beyond even your wildest dreams – it happens every day).

To your continued success and happiness,