Creativity & Radio Frequency = New Level

NASA recently reported that having mapped out our solar system for many years, they discovered that radio frequencies are present from earth all the way out to the border with interstellar space.

This presents us with an interesting tool, I think, to help us understand and give context to certain forces – such as the creative force – and to help us use that understanding to ultimately help us produce what we want.

In order to make any system work in our favour, it’s helpful, some might say essential, to first of all know how it works.

Radio and television give us good clues as to how something gets created out of apparently nothing. If you think about music for example – where does it even come from?

Think about a radio for a minute – where was the music before you turned the power on? Was it stored inside the device? Obviously not – it’s somewhere in the atmosphere, or more accurately, it’s stored in radio waves which permeate the space around us.

Just because we can’t see these radio waves with the naked eye does not negate the fact that they exist and that they carry music.

Let’s assume your radio is turned on and there’s music playing because you have tuned into a certain music frequency. If you have adjusted your tuner to pick up a classical radio station, you’re going to hear some classical music; if you tune into a rock channel, you’ll most likely hear some guitar music, and on it goes for each different frequency that you tune into.

The simple fact here is that music is always available to you, as long as you have a way to access the frequencies where music is available.

So the question then becomes: if the radio is switched off and there is silence in the room, does this mean that music doesn’t exist? Of course not. However in that current moment, music does not exist in your awareness.

What about TV?

It’s the same for television. Imagine you’re at home watching TV and it’s one of those 24 hour news channels. Again you have tuned into a certain frequency and it delivers whatever is associated with that specific frequency.

What do you do if you don’t like what you’re seeing and the stories you’re hearing?
Well, assuming you know how the TV works and you’re not overly lazy, you’ll probably change the channel and watch something different or you’ll switch off the TV altogether and go to work on your business!!

Let’s assume you switch to your favourite TV show, you’ll probably feel a lot better just by watching it. And if you get bored, there’s always movies, sports and music, and just about anything else available these days.

The point is though, that you’ve already altered your environment, and subsequently how you feel, by simply changing the channel (or by changing the frequency). Whatever choice you made in switching the frequency, the intention is usually for you to feel better or more interested in some way.

In the same way that waves of frequencies transmit to us our favourite music and TV shows through a seemingly invisible medium, so too do we transmit our own signals.
We also receive whatever we receive based on how we are feeling, meaning based on our own frequencies. This is sometimes the controversial bit, almost like the question: which came first – the chicken or the egg.

In the worlds of frequency, or energy, that Einstein and countless other scientists devoted their lives to exploring (as did many business masters, martial arts masters, philosophers, leaders, etc); they taught us that like attracts like – in terms of frequency.

So if a radio channel is broadcasting on 100 FM, then once I adjust my tuner to that frequency of 100 FM I will pick up whatever is being broadcast at that frequency and hear that music. Simple really. This means that whatever I tune into I can theoretically find something there (on the radio).

Let’s say at the radio frequency level, a 100 FM frequency matches with and attracts it’s (like) frequency of 100 FM. The frequency being transmitted by the station, is received by the radio once it’s tuned to the same frequency. This is basic science, and we can all relate to it.

So what about in our own day to day living then?
If I can adjust my own frequency, shouldn’t it follow that I will hear or tune into whatever is broadcasting on that frequency?

The obvious potential here then is for us to examine what we are getting in our day to day life or business, at the moment, and if we want to change the ‘channel’, then, what if instead of complaining about what we are getting; what if we instead tuned up and into the level at which we want to be at?

What we too-often do though is complain far too long, perhaps not realising that it could be the constant complaining itself which is a strong contributor in keeping us at this (unwanted) frequency, and therefore stuck on the channel that we are actually trying to switch away from! So the complaining actually works against us and we often don’t know it.

What happens when you use your time to think about something that is genuinely attractive or magnetic for you, such as your family or your ultimate lifestyle or your perfect business? Usually you will feel strong inside yourself, and, others will feel that from you too.

Most importantly of all though is that you will be in a much more resourceful place where you will be more inspired, and from there you will attract ideas from that level of frequency. Ideas which have always been there but are only accessible on that ‘channel’. So if you want to switch to creativity channel, or inspiration channel, then make the switch internally first because that’s how it works.

The great thing about this I think, is that you now don’t have to wait for anything to change. Instead you just know that whatever you want already exists on a channel frequency, and your challenge now is to get yourself tuned into that channel so you can get what you need.

Good to know though that there are already all the channels we need, available to us for whatever we want in life, business, relationships etc. Because then we can then use our time more wisely to work at connecting to those channels instead of complaining too much (which profoundly works against us anyway if we do it for too long).

This is also partly why people often get their best ideas when they go away and leave a problem alone. They get the idea when they are swimming or walking or enjoying themselves, or are anywhere but in the middle of the problem. They get the idea they want when they connect with the channel that that idea is on (they just don’t realise that they did it that way!).

Bottom line? Keep yourself inspired and keep your energy high.

Have rituals to help do it, have ideas that bring you there (high-energy), activities that you enjoy, people you love. And focus on these as much as you can as often as you can – focus on what you want and also focus on attaining the resonance that you think you need to be at, to get the thing you want.

Do whatever works for you to get yourself there and enjoy it. Very simple though not always easy, but the lens of being congruent is one of the fastest highways to get there.