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“…He took the time to understand what makes me tick in a scientific way… Problems and questions I had been wrestling with for years were solved and opportunities seemed to flood in… it was the most valuable investment I’ve made in myself for years.”
Catherine van der Veen, Chief Executive Officer, Generation Life, Australia

CEOs & Executives who have worked with us have described us as being like their “secret weapon” or “like an employee in their lives and businesses to get them what they want”. The subsequent results that they have been able to create with our help have been high impact and on several levels, predominantly requiring less energy to accomplish more.

All In

The terrain where our work focuses with CEO and Executive coaching is the intersection and interplay between thoughts, communication and action.

It is about the inter-development of internal mastery and external strategy, so that real world results get delivered rapidly as an outcome.

There is often a significant gap though between where a leader says they want to be and where they actually are, or where they end up. These goals might be unsaid private thoughts or the stated objectives of the leader or group. Whichever it is, the gap between the outcome that was set and the outcome that was delivered, is the integrity gap and simply provides immediate feedback as to where a leader might wish to look to, as an area for development, and sometimes this might be in relation to something intensely private.

Nonetheless, there are many ways to accomplish such personal evolution, with the most effective and sustainable one being congruency between what is said (or thought) and what is experientially achieved.

“Ronan’s participation as a Mentor in our national mentoring program brings real value.

I’m also fortunate to have had the opportunity to benefit from his insights as a capable, credible and welcoming advisor as we’ve worked on building the chamber.”

Barry Corr, CEO Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce, Australia

Operating in the mode of thoughts and words only, is not enough for significant coaching and consulting results to materialise, especially at top leadership levels. It is the experiential results that form the true measure of outcomes, and it is a uniquely tangible aspect to our coaching. To this regard everything that we do with leaders whether it’s measurable financial outcomes or internal personal evolution, is always focused to tangible outcomes.

It is evidenced by the leader achieving their desired actions, results, behaviours, revenues; or whichever objectives the leader wanted to realise from the outset.

To accomplish this requires a commitment to be all in. Even being 95% committed is 5% out and therefore 5% interference. This consulting and coaching is a 100% commitment to work towards each leader’s outcome. The real options and true possibilities will only reveal themselves once there is true and real commitment to an outcome and process.

We measure ourselves and others based on experiential results and actual impact – with each person, each business and the relevant marketplace.

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Levels of Impact & Values

“He can unlock things that you didn’t even know were there… so much astute advice.”
Sue Hardman, Managing Director, Hardman Communications, Sydney, Australia
Being a CEO or Senior Executive often leads to a feeling of increased isolation in terms of support; a lower quality of feedback because of the fear that those in more junior positions might have around their own futures; and fewer resources available with which to navigate because of the amount of commitments.

CEOs and Executives must find ways to tap and express their hidden potential and that of their teams, and do so with sustainability and energy. More focus, more depth, more productivity and more energy are not necessarily the results of more action, and yet it is focused action that produces the most meaningful and lasting impact.

The key therefore is which action to take, why, when and how.

By working across the following areas with all leadership clients, we are able to help them create a solid foundation for change that produces personal evolution and therefore business evolution:

  • Mastery of the Environment

  • Physical, Emotional & Mental Congruency (internal alignment)

  • Presence of Mind

  • Accelerated Personal Evolution

  • Internal Power

  • Increased & Sustainable Energy

  • Strategy, Structure & Navigation

  • Accountability & Transparency Culture = innovation culture

  • Developing other leaders (which is the true measure of a leader)

  • Delegating accountability through macro-leadership and a compelling vision

  • Special Forces models

We work with CEOs and Executives to help them master these areas personally and to also transmit the benefits in to the business environment, thereby producing a wider and sustainable impacts.

Operating across all of these levels produces the greatest impacts for leaders; impacts that are well beyond those in the cases of personality-based questionnaires and leadership style studies.

Having said that, wo sometimes do like to use questionnaire style assessments which are largely complemented by our work. The foundations as laid out above tend however to produce deeper capabilities for each leader. They also help leaders to better know and better accept themselves and their mission, as well as the associated paradoxes, with peace of mind.

This approach helps CEOs and executives accomplish their outcomes with greater courage, balance and clarity, while conserving energy rather than over-spending it.


Effective and sustainable leadership is about being able to identify and handle paradox.

Our CEO and Executive programs introduce practical models, methodologies and perspectives for leaders to not only be comfortable with paradox and operate within the various paradoxes they have to deal with, but also to actively use them as a tool for personal and leadership excellence.

Client Comments

“I’m a practical person: I need how do I do this and how do I make it work? You gave me that and also the understanding of what true leadership is.”

Debbie Leader, Head of Westpac Brand, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia
“Ronan is the ultimate professional executive coach with immense experience and insight”
Teresa O’Brien, HR Manager, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australia

“I would highly recommend Ronan, has been the big change in my life and my perspective of the world…”

Nicole McInnes, Managing Director & Country Head, eHarmony, Australia
“Ronan lives what he coaches & his work is a reflection of this. His ability to get to the core issues and use relevant techniques to disperse them quickly and effectively is truly amazing.”
Lucy Megginson, Director, Sydney

“Ronan was able to help me understand and get perspective on a number of significant areas of my life including … starting a regional headquarters in Singapore.”

Gabriel Perera, Director Business Development and Product Development – Asia, Blackmores, Singapore

“…Ronan has excellent skills and simple yet effective tools that I continue to use… takes a holistic approach so that lasting improvement results”

Andrew Jacka, Director, PWC, Sydney

“I got a lot of benefit with each conversation… he really has a lot of actionable insights that help drive whatever your personal objective is”

Maria Karavias, General Manager, NewsCorp Australia

“If you are looking for someone to help develop you further as a people leader, then Ronan is a great resource to have. He’s also great guy.”

Ciaran McBride, General Manager, Investment Risk and Performance, Cbus Super Fund, Melbourne, Australia
“…Ronan’s coaching directly delivered a 65% increase in billable time and revenue …“
John Jamieson, Managing Director,Jamieson Foley & Associates, Consulting Engineers, Sydney

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